DIGHT attracts participants who are interested in exploring new tools, datasets and methods in digital humanities. The aim of this survey is to gauge the interest in and possible format of an unshared task to take place at DHBenelux 2018. This is an initiative of CLARIN, DARIAH and the DHBenelux 2018 organisers.

Our goal is to promote cross-disciplinary collaborations in the realm of digital humanities research through an unshared task. Shared tasks have a long history in computational disciplines, such as natural language processing where a shared annotated dataset is made available to the research community to test and compare their systems on. In an unshared task, no quantitative performance measures or clearly defined problems to be solved are present, rather the goal is to provide the community with a creative playground to test and exchange ideas. We think this task format may suit the very heterogeneous digital humanities community well and can invite input from historians, linguistics, ethnologists, GIS specialists, literature scientists and others to present their perspective and analyses on the same case.

This survey collects information from the wider research community concerning their interests in the tasks, datasets, challenges that could be offered in context of DIGHT. This unshared task will be defined on the basis of your feedback.

The survey should take 5-10 minutes depending on the detail with which you choose to respond.

Please fill out the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/1BTpx69Gf75lwX2g1

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